About us

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The Pony Events Federation is an association operating fan vents for Bronies, the fans of the TV series  “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. We also support other events by providing consulting, equipment or financial support. 

Our own events include the greatest European fan convention, the GalaCon, as well as Everfree Encore, the first Brony music festival. 

Our association was founded in 2017 to centralise the organisation of greater fan events which were until then run by smaller, regional associations. Running events comes with huge obligations and risks, thus qualified and specialized staff is necessary to prevent failure of events itself as well as financial or legal consequences. 

The goal was to get experienced and qualified people together to centralise certain tasks and releive the event staff of legal, financial or administrative tasks. 


The General assembly is the central decision-making institution of our association. The Board of Directors runs the daily business. 

The Board of Directors consists of a Chairman and Vice Chairman who represent the association, take care of relations to our partners and supervise the other board members, a President who is responsible for everyday business and decision-making as well as general administrative tasks and thee Treasurer who is responsible for financial affairs.  

There are also different departments and teams for single events or central tasks like IT or Public Relations. 

A board of Auditors supervises the work of the board. Auditors have special rights to ensure independent control and transparency. 


Any person or institution can become a member. Our events are also supported by external volunteers. 

Applicants first become supporting members who do not have a right to vote. Only members who also take over a certain task are appointed ordinary membre and can vote within the General Assembly or be elected into the Board of Directors. 

This ensures that all decisions are solely made by people who have to execute them in the end. It also ensures that decisions are based on experience and insight and is meant as an approach towards a democratic management. 

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)