Security Breach of an internal Pony Events Federation e.V. email-account

We regret to inform You that there has been a security breach in our association, in which an unknown attacker has gained access to an internal e-mail account and used its existing exchanges and addresses to send e-mails containing spam, malicious content or links to malicious sites.
Contacts that are, to our knowledge, affected by this breach has been contacted by us via e-mail.

Based on our current information, these malicious e-mails usually contain a part of a real exchange from the past, with added text at the bottom asking the user to click on a link or an attachment.
Should You receive such an e-mail, please DO NOT open the attachments or links in it.

Our hosting provider quickly revoked the unauthorized access to the account, and we have also taken the necessary measures to stop any additional spread of personal data from our accounts.

We apologize that, despite our best attempts, such a data breach has occurred, and sincerely hope no further damages were or will be suffered as a result of this attack.

If You have received a suspicious e-mail, need further information or wish to contact us for another reason connected to this situation, please direct Your messages to, or use the other options listed under our homepage at

the board of Pony Events Federation e.V.