Do I have to print the ticket?

No, the ticket can also be presented on a smartphone or tablet. We only need to scan the QR or barcode. Please mind that the check-in process is heavily slowed down if the barcode cannot be scanned properly.

Will tickets be sold at the event (Box Office)?

Tickets will be sold at the box office as long as the maximum capacity of the venue is not exceeded. Because the maximum capacity is limited due to safety regulations, we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available at the box office. Reservations are also not possible in any case. Please also mind that the Read More …

Can I pay in cash?

No, cash payments would heavily slow down the check-in for all visitors and are therefore not accepted. Even if we might accept cash payment due to special reasons, you will not be able to check-in before the opening ceremony starts.

Do you sell day tickets?

We do not sell day tickets in our online shop. If the maximum capacity of the venue is not exceeded, we may sell day tickets at the box office.